Caretaking Services

24 hour 7 days a week on call service – If you need us we are here. We provide all maintenance work unless a professional subcontractor is needed, i.e. a plumber, electrician etc.

Snow Removal Services – We offer a variety of snow removal services with the rates below:

Hand Shoveling – $60/hr
Roof Shoveling – $75/hr
Snowblower/thrower – $60/hr

We do not offer a plowing service although depending on the size of the driveway we can often snowblow it. We have worked with most of the plowing companies in the area and can help direct you to the best option for you if you wish or need to be plowed.

Cleaning Services – We are happy to clean for you. Cleaning runs $45/hr.

Management fees – We do charge a monthly fee of $150/mo for a weekly check of your property or a $100/mo for a bimonthly check. This fee also pays for the on call service above.

Weekly/bimonthly checks – When the property is vacant, we on a weekly or bimonthly basis will walkthrough the property, running water, flushing toilets and basically making sure that nothing is awry in the property itself. Obviously in the winter our biggest function is to check that your heating system is working properly. We also make sure that the exterior of the property is in good condition. Fees for these items are your management fees above.

Car drop off – from time to time our owners ask us to drop a car at the airport or to bring it back to their house after their vacation. We are happy to do this and this runs $100 each way.

Other maintenance – We replace all smoke and CO detector batteries once a year, put out rodent traps where needed, water plants, accept packages at our house or meet yours and also do minor and major remodeling.

Hot tub spa balancing-we offer a weekly service for $100/month.

Maintenance and service related items are billed at $60/hr.

There are many more things that we can do and are happy to customize as needed.